Payment Details

Waka SMS accepts online payment using your credit or debit card, we accept cash transfer and offline payment via cash deposit. We accept bitcoin payment. Click account will be credited instantly if you pay with a credit or debit card. Fund transfers require us to confirm your payment before crediting your account. Fund transfer confirmation will not exceed 10-30 minutes from the time you transfer the fund. While cash deposit confirmation will not exceed one hour before crediting your account. We are banking with two Major leading banks in Nigeria Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and First Bank Nigeria Plc. Always make use of this bank account below whenever you are interested to make payment for any of our services. We will not be reliable if you make payment wrong bank account. We accept Cryptocurrency payment. Buy SMS using bitcoin : BTC ID: 39hmwc2j5BnUcoQKwnjbu4WzG62cwUYkeV

Bank: First Bank

Account No: 3059320631. Account Name: Chi E-Concept Int'l

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account No: 0115939447 , Account Name: Chi E-Concept Int'l

Buy SMS with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Id: 39hmwc2j5BnUcoQKwnjbu4WzG62cwUYkeV